Perseus Double Star Clusters, NGC869, 884 and NGC957 (LRGB)

Photo Details

Telescope: FSQ106EDXIII

Camera: FLI16803 ProLine

Mount: APMach1GTO

Exposure: (LRGB) 1.6h (24:24:24:24) (sub-frame 480s) (binx1)

Date and place: 11.2010 Roztoki Górne, Cicha Dolina, Polska

The Double Cluster (also known as Caldwell 14) is the common name for the open clusters NGC 869 and NGC 884 (often designated h Persei and χ Persei, which are close together in the constellation Perseus. Both visible with the naked eye, NGC 869 and NGC 884 lie at a distance of 7500 light years.

Zdjęcie powstało podczas bieszczadzkiego zlotu w Roztokach Górnych (Cicha Dolina)