The Veil Nebula Complex, NGC6960, 6992, 6995 (Ha,OIII)

Photo Details:

Telescope: FSQ106EDX

Camera: FLI16803 Proline

Mount: Mach1GTO

Exposure: Ha (19x1800s binx1) OIII (10x1800 binx2)

Date and place: 08.2011 Łuczanowice, Belęcin,Polska

The Veil Nebula complex lies approximately 1,400 light years from the Earth and is the remains of a supernova event that occurred between 5,000 and 10,000 years ago. It is estimated that the light of this explosion was visible in the night sky for several months and was even bright enough in the initial weeks of the explosion to cast shadows on the ground. Over time, material from this stellar explosion has expanded creating the wispy nebulous clouds we today call the Veil Nebula. The upper portion of this complex is also referred as the Western Veil nebula and the lower portion as the Eastern Veil nebula.