The Cygnus Wall NGC7000 (SII,Ha,OIII)

Telescope: CFF160 APO f/4,9

Camera: QHY695A

Mount: Paramount MyT

Exposure: (Ha,SII,OII) 9h Ha 12x900s binx1, SII 12x900s binx1, OIII 12x900s binx1

Date and place: 07.2018 Ochojno, Poland

NGC 7000 is a huge nebular complex known as the North America Nebula. This field of view features a small piece of the complex called the Cygnus Wall. The wall itself appears at the bottom of the image, and relates to the region of NGC 7000 which is reminiscent of the shapes of Mexico and Central America when seen in its entirety. While all of NGC 7000 is an emission nebula, its greatest concentration of star birth is occurring within the wall.