Sh2-101 Tulip Nebula in HST palette

Photo Details:

Telescope: TEC140 f/8

Camera: QHY695A

Mount: Paramount MyT

Exposure: 28h: Ha 35x1200s, SII 23x1200s, OIII 16x1200s and 7x1800s, binx1

Date and place: 06.2020 Observatory E-EyE, Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain

In the lower left corner of this image is the Tulip Nebula or Sh2-101, located about halfway between the middle star of the swan’s cross Sadr and the bottom star of the cross Albireo. This is a classic emission nebula with a hot agent, glowing blue from ionized oxygen, and a slightly less energetic outer part in orange , gold and green from ionized hydrogen and sulfur. The nebula on the left of the frame is cataloged as LBN 171. The small cluster of bright stars in the right top  corner is the Teutsch 8 open cluster. This is a 28-hour exposure SII, Ha and OIII.